Modern Victorian Settee

This Victorian era oval back settee got a modern makeover. Before it could be reupholstered, the frame required a few repairs, and the seat support was replaced. Then, the frame was painted in semi-gloss white to brighten the piece. The front of the settee and arm tufts were upholstered in a lovely variegated grass green fabric, and a large, abstract flower print in green, white, taupe, and grey was chosen as an accent along the curved back. Welt cording was added in the solid green on the entire piece as a finishing touch. Finally, a small pair of pillows, one side in the solid green and the other in the print, were sewn to complete the look. Settee - 60"w x 30"d by 35"h. Seat - 43"w x 18"d by 16"h.


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